Tracks & Levels

Please note, the level names have changed! We've made some adjustments to the tracks to better meet our goal of providing students with a good learning environment, with a focus on maintaining smaller class sizes and the ability to take class with your peers. Our registrations this year have skewed on the more experienced side, so we're making the following changes:

The Beg/Int track will be rolled up into the Int track (don't worry Beg/Int, you got this). If you signed up for either of those tracks, you will have an aqua wristband in your registration packet. Anyone with an aqua wristband who would like to audition is welcome. It is possible after auditioning that you may be asked to remain in Intermediate or you may move up a level.

Anyone signed up for the Int/Adv or Advanced tracks will have a coral red wristband in their packet, and you must audition. You will be placed into 1 of 3 tracks: Int/Adv, Adv, or Adv Plus. If you change tracks, you will trade in your original wristband for a new color.

Lastly, a word on auditions. Auditions are a crude tool to evaluate and place students in tracks in a short amount of time. Your placement in auditions is not a reflection on your worth; it's barely a reflection of your dance ability. We hope no matter which track you take that you will learn something, have fun, and maybe even be a little inspired.

Auditions are Saturday @ 10am SHARP. Our goal is to balance the classes in terms of space management and lead/follow ratio. Additionally, each level will have a minimum of one class with each set of teachers.

LEVEL 1—Intermediate (Formerly Beg/Int & Intermediate)

You've been dancing about 6 months, equivalent to Lindy II at Big City Swing. You're a newer dancer, but familiar with 6 count basics and the swing out. If you chose beginner/intermediate or intermediate at registration, you are in level 1. Auditions are optional for this group.

LEVEL 2—Intermediate / Advanced

You've been dancing about 6 months to a year, equivalent to Lindy III at Big City Swing. You're comfortable with the basics, including Charleston, and you're looking to expand your vocabulary and hone your technique. Auditions are required for this track.

LEVEL 3—Advanced

You've been dancing for 1-3 yrs, equivalent to Lindy IV or Int/Adv Drop-ins at Big City Swing.You've probably been dancing a few years and may have even traveled to workshops before.

Auditions are required for this track.

LEVEL 4—Advanced Plus

You've been dancing more than 3 years. You've been dancing for several years and travel to workshops, maybe compete, perform, or even teach. Auditions are required for this track.