Please read through these FAQs carefully. If you have a question that is not here or elsewhere on the site, please contact us.

  • Registration

    When does registration open?
    April 1, 2019 at noon CST. No joke.

    Where do I register?
    Come back here on April 1 at noon, and you'll see a big red button to register.

    Full weekend passes are sold out, is there a waitlist?
    Whoa! Registration isn't even open yet, but we did sell out quickly last year. If full weekend passes are sold out, a waitlist will be available.

    Can I get a t-shirt / tote bag / hoodie / other merchandise?
    You bet! We will have merchandise available for pre-sale when registration opens. We will not have merchandise available for sale at the event, so all merchandise orders should be made in advance.

    When does registration close?
    September 20, 2019 will be the last day to purchase, transfer, refund, or defer a pass. No exceptions will be made.

    Where will I check in?
    You can check in at the dance on Friday night or before classes on Saturday morning.

    Do I have to wear this wristband all weekend?
    Yep! Don't take off your wristband unless you don't want to come to any more dances or classes.

    Who qualifies for the student pricing?
    Any college or high school student with a valid school email address. The school email address will be required at checkout when you purchase a pass.

  • Transfers, Deferrals, and Refunds

    What is the pass refund policy?
    If you can't attend and we are notified by July 31, 2019, a full refund will be issued. Any refund requests submitted from August 1-September 20, 2019 will be issued minus a 30% cancellation fee. Refunds will not be offered after September 20, 2019. Contact us to request a refund.

    How do I transfer my pass to another dancer?
    Contact us to set up your transfer. We need the full name, email address, and phone number of the person you're transferring your pass to. We will not make the money exchange for you, that'll have to be between you both. Transferred passes are like for like, e.g. a follow pass cannot be transferred to a lead unless we have a circumstance of being short one or the other. Passes cannot be transferred after September 20, 2019.

    How do I defer my pass to 2020?
    Contact us to request a pass deferral.

  • Classes

    What level am I?
    Check out our tracks and levels page for information on the levels. We've got comparisons to levels at Big City Swing for local dancers.

    Do I need to audition?
    When you check in, you'll receive a registration packet with a wristband inside. If you have a red wristband, you signed up for one of the two upper levels and you will be required to audition. If you have an aqua wristband, you signed up for one of the two lower levels and you have the option to audition if you would like.

    Do I need to pick my electives in advance?
    Nope! Show up to the elective you want to take, but get there early, they'll be first come first served based on room capacity!

  • Dances

    How many dances are there?
    Four dances in total, check out our venues page for more information about where the dances will be held.

    Will tickets be available at the door for the dances?
    We may have some tickets available for sale at the door, but we can't guarantee it. The only way to guarantee entry into the dances is with a pass. Dance only passes are available, and workshop passes include entry to all the dances.

  • Competitions

    Will there be any competitions?
    Yes, there will be an open Mix & Match competition and an open Couples competition. Check the schedule for more information on competition timing.

  • Housing

    Will housing be available for out of towners?
    Yes, limited housing will be available with local dancers. Once registration has opened, you will be able to request housing.

    I'm local, can I provide housing?
    Yes, please! Once registration is open, you will be able to volunteer space in your home for our out-of-town friends to stay with you.

    Is housing guaranteed?
    Unfortunately not, it is dependent on the number of spaces available locally, but we will try our best!

  • Volunteering

    Can I volunteer at the event?
    Yes! We'd love for you to volunteer at the event. We will have more information about volunteering coming soon.

    Is there a discount on my ticket if I volunteer?
    We can't discount the ticket ahead of time, but you will be reimbursed after the event for the number of hours that you volunteered.

    How much is it per hour to volunteer?
    We offer $10 per hour of volunteering up to half the cost of your pass.

    Will I be guaranteed a certain number of hours?
    No, it will depend on the number of volunteers available and the positions we need filled.

    How will I know what I'm volunteering for?
    As we get closer to the event, a survey will go out for volunteers. You will have chance to give us your volunteering preferences (shifts, types of work, etc.) at that time and we will do placements accordingly to accommodate as many people as we can.